I will be teaching and assisting a few classes in 2019 and below you can see links to these classes. If you are interested please contact the hosts to sign up.


Spoon Day at Plymouth CRAFT - June 9th

This is going to be a really fun experimental class thought up, and hosted, by Plymouth CRAFT. I will be teaching along with Jojo Wood, David Fisher, Amy Umbel, Tim anney, Jay Ketner, Reid Schwartz, and Jess Heirsch in a very cool free-ish form day long class. I feel that this kind of learning in a social setting is a fantastic way to learn traditional craft, as it is the way it was done for hundreds of years, and I think the CRAFT folks have had a great idea with this class.

Spoon Carving at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks - June 15-16

In this two day class I will be teaching spoon carving from branch/blank to finished spoon, and covering everything from wood selection, finishing, the tools needed, as well as the upkeep of those tools.

Pole Lathe Turning at Maine Coast Craft School - July 21-27

Another really interesting class that I will be teaching with Kenneth Kortemeier. It is a seven day class where the first three or so days will be spent with Kenneth heading up the building of the student’s own pole lathes, and the other three or so I will lead students through using their new lathes to turn greenwood bowls. I’m really looking forward to this class!


Bowl Carving at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks - August 10-11

This bowl carving class will be taught by Danielle Rose Byrd and I will be assisting her for what is always a fantastic class.

Shrink Pots at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks - September 7-8

In this class I will be assisting Peter Follanbee in teaching students to make tradition shrink pots, as well as covering decoration and finishing. This will be a great class for folks new to greenwood working, and there will be plenty of time to make a few of these super useful containers.